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Stainless Steel Wall Art Options That Make a Big Impact

Abstract Pieces For a modern look, abstract wall art is an excellent choice. These pieces are often handmade, but they are also available in fun mass-produced designs. Most people think of “abstract” art as a piece that does not directly represent anything. Stainless steel is perfect for abstract art. The modern, man-made feel of the […]

Want a Home Library? Here Are 4 Tips to Help Make Your Dream Come True

Most bookworms we know dream of having a space where they can escape from the world with a good book. Though home libraries may sound like a thing of the past, there’s no reason why you can’t create one of these areas in your own home. All it takes is a little planning to make […]

Spring Bedroom Ideas

Spring is a time for change and renewal. And for many of us, that need for something fresh extends to the most important space in our homes — the bedroom. There are several key benefits to redecorating your bedroom. While giving your bedroom a fresh look is a great way to add function to your […]

How To Design A Nursery That Reflects Joy and Style

Few home projects are as life-changing as decorating a nursery. Setting up the baby’s room and choosing nursery decor can feel like a daunting task, but try to relax and have fun with it. After all, the most important thing is that you create a space where you and your baby will be comfortable. With […]


Over the course of 2020, as most of us have spent months sheltering in place, our living rooms have transformed from refuge into multifunctional spaces that now emphasize work, education, entertainment, and hospitality. So as we wrap up what has certainly been one of the most challenging years in modern history, we asked designers and industry veterans what […]

Chic Dining Room Styles for Fall that Combine Modern with the Timeless

Hot dining room decorating trends for fall 2020 point towards styles that combine modernity with a sense of warmth and a hint of timelessness to bring the best of both worlds. Polished and cozy, this is a look at the most trending dining room styles for fall 2020 – Modern Mediterranean at its Cozy Best There […]

12 Unusual Wall Covering Options

Going Beyond Paint and Wallpaper  Most walls in the home get the usual covering treatment: interior paint in a flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss sheen. And there’s nothing wrong with that since you can’t go wrong with a nice coat of good-quality interior paint. And if not paint, then wallpaper is the covering of choice in most other walls. And that’s […]


Looking for a new coffee table? I have collected my favourite 20 Scandinavian design coffee tables for the perfect Nordic look in your home. Think minimal, stylish, sculptural and a true focal point in your home. 1 // The Around table from DAISYCORNERS is an instant classic you will find in many homes, and it is not […]

The Ultimate Staycation: Coastal Decor for your Home

The aptly named Summer Breeze Daybed by Legacy Classic Furniture If you love the shore and treasure fond memories of long, lazy days on the beach at the ocean’s edge, bring a breezy coastal vibe into your home. With coastal colors of blues, greens and sandy beige trending, it’s easy to add a pop of color to […]