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15 Creative Kids’ Room Decor Ideas

Get inspired with these cute and clever decorating ideas for your little one’s space. Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be quite a task, especially if they are constantly going back and forth on their favorite theme. You want a space that will be long-lasting — not something you’ll have to redo a year or two […]

12 Living Rooms We Want to Copy Immediately

Many people claim that the kitchen is the heart of a home. In my oh-so-humble opinion, that is false.  The home’s true source of life is, without question, the living room: a space in which we spend hours reading books, taking naps, chatting with roommates, playing board games with family, and (above all else) sinking into […]

Tactile texture design for your bedroom

Colour is an obvious way to make a statement or create a theme in your bedroom, but texture is also important to add visual interest and tactility. Clashing textures give you something to touch and admire. We’ve put together our favourite textural design ideas for bedrooms below. Wood and wicker Our Wilkes storage bed frame is a […]

Interior design tips for a cosy bedroom this winter

Your bedroom should be a private sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, chill out and recharge after the day is done. As the temperature drops and the nights become longer, ensure you stay snug with our top cosy bedroom ideas. 1. Invest in a plush padded headboard An upholstered bed frame or padded headboard provides a tactile finish […]

How to create a winter wonderland bedroom

When the cold winter season arrives and the magical time of Christmas draws near, you can spread festive joy by bringing decorations into your bedroom to create a haven that’s snug and peaceful. Follow our tips on how to turn your bedroom into a cosy Christmas winter wonderland. Winter bedroom ideas We’ve got several ideas […]

3 Ways to Decorate a Great Room

A great room, or reception room, is the place in the home where guests most often congregate, so it’s not only important to make a good first impression, but the space should also feel welcoming. With so much surface area to work with, however, decorating can be daunting. “First you need to understand how the […]

Children’s Room Decor: Its impact On The Overall Development Of A Child’s Personality

Children spend most of their personal time in their bedrooms during their formative years. Whether it’s relaxing, reading, playing or simply doing their homework. Especially for young adults within the age group of seven-13 years, this is a transitional phase from childhood to adulthood which is known to shape their intellectual, emotional and mental well […]

Chic Dining Room Styles for Fall that Combine Modern with the Timeless

Hot dining room decorating trends for fall 2020 point towards styles that combine modernity with a sense of warmth and a hint of timelessness to bring the best of both worlds. Polished and cozy, this is a look at the most trending dining room styles for fall 2020 – Modern Mediterranean at its Cozy Best There […]

Lighting It Right: How to Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

As you get deeper into decorating your home, you will realize that it is the tiny details that end up making the biggest difference. While the style, theme and color scheme of the room define it, it is lighting that ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambiance of your choice. In fact, a simple […]

Finding the Right Living Room Bookshelf: 20 Ideas to Choose From

There are big decorating decisions that considerably alter the appeal of your home and give it an entirely new look after each makeover. Be it color, style or décor; these central aspects tend to take up most of our time when planning for a new home or even a timely renovation. Then there are features […]