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Prairie Style Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is a small dose of prairie style interior design images to get the creative wheels turning – and you one step closer to your ideal prairie style home. Here are a few of our favorite images, brought to you by our friend @allihavrilla. Natural Colors Natural is a color – in […]


Appearance is an important aspect of life to many people. Taking an interest in self-image is something that many people do, but this interest often extends beyond the parameters of your immediate image. For the most part, homeowners and tenants alike take a shared interest in how their homes and surroundings look. Caring about how their image […]

What to Know About Victorian Interior Design to Give Your Home the Royal Treatment

If you’re into maximalism, you probably dream about what it would have been like to be alive 100 years ago when interior design was ornate, brash, and anything but minimalist. Categorized as the time period when Queen Victoria ruled, Victorian interior design is all about filling every corner, nook, and cranny. Though the design magazines of today may […]

Common Decorating Mistakes To Avoid For Good

Whether you’re about to decorate a new home or are looking into a room refresh, here’s a checklist of decorating mistakes that you should avoid to help you find success during the process. Strictly Sticking With A Design Style Sure, a dedicated design style will help guide you during the interior design process, but it’ll […]

Classic Interior Design Styles Defined

Whether you’re in the know or have no clue as to what makes design movements like traditional interior design ideas differ from transitional décor, we tasked ourselves to devise the ultimate breakdown of interior design styles as our Décor Aid interior designers and team members are frequently asked to define the differences for our clients. From Hollywood […]

How To Get The Interior Design Look: Industrial Chic

We love the look of a chic, industrial, loft-like space. It’s an easy way to incorporate reclaimed wood and brushed-metal pieces into your abode, and it’s a great look for spaces with high ceilings. But if you aren’t currently living in the artist’s loft of your dreams, and you still want that chic, industrial look, […]

Bad Interior Design Trends You Should Let Go Of

Why You Should Ditch These Tired Interior Design Trends When it comes interior design trends, like anything, there’s always the good, the bad, and the ugly to consider when trying your hand at keeping up with the times and boy, there’s a lot of unfathomable ones out there. To keep you up to date and […]

Elegant New York Townhouse Interior Design

Indulging in elegance and luxury in the very spaces of your home is a dream. Fortunately, you can make it a reality. Interior decorations are important aspects of one’s living. Whether you live in a big house or a small house, you can always decorate and design your home to the utmost elegant or opulent styles! […]

Happy Interiors With A Modern Flair

Cortney’s design vision runs the gamut of style and structure, balancing creativity, comfort, and functionality with a dose of modern flair. She attributes her innate ability to mix patterns and hues to her love for travel, art, fashion, and music. Ultimately, the path to interior design became inevitable as Cortney realized she could blend these passions, […]

The Interior Design Trends 2022 Everything You Need To Know

Interior design has always been a booming industry that changes with the times. In 2022, designers will be exploring new ideas and trends that will change how we live. Designers are always looking for inspiration from other cultures and places to create innovative designs with a twist of familiarity. Below are some 2022 Interior Design […]