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10 Simple Decorating Tricks to Transform Your Dining Room

While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, the dining room space is where you all regroup after a long day out in the world. Picking the right dining table for your home and your family can make all the difference to the feel of your home.  The Table Sets the Tone for the Space […]

The Dining Room Decorating Guide

The dining room is one of the easier rooms in the house to decorate. It’s generally a straightforward design process with fewer pieces of furniture needed. We all know the purpose of a dining room so as long as you have some chairs and a table, it’s hard to screw up your dining room design! […]

10 Stylish Modern Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want to Replicate Right Now

From trendy stools to funky light fixtures, there are many ways to contemporize your space. It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home — and because of that, you want it to look as beautiful as possible. But with so many routes to take when it comes to decorating your kitchen, […]

When to Install a Knee Wall in Your Attic

Question: A reader asks if, “I need to install a knee wall in my attic, but what is the purpose of a knee wall? Do I need help with insulation?” Answer: Knee walls are not found in all attics, and they are not absolutely necessary. But they are awfully good to have. Go in the attic or simply imagine yourself […]

All About Wall Sconces

A wall sconce is a unique type of lighting fixture. It’s the only fixture we install on a wall inside our house. It’s one of only two types of mounted fixtures that can be bought with a switch in it so that it doesn’t have to be controlled by a wall switch. It’s also one of the few fixtures […]