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How to arrange living room furniture – experts reveal the 5 key steps

Whether you want a living room for lounging, somewhere to entertain– or both – there are a few basic principles to get right when it comes to how to arrange living room furniture. You might feel your space needs a bit of a redesign, or have plans to invest in new furniture or storage. Or […]

How to make a small living room look bigger – tips and tricks to stretch your space

Start by taking a long, hard look at your living room and working out what bits of it work well and what bits don’t work quite so well. Re-assessing the space, getting rid of items that aren’t earning their spot and then re-working the layout, can do wonders in a small living room. And, of […]

6 Ways to Make a Temporary Living Space Feel Like Home

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.Anyone who has moved or built a new home can tell you that the process is anything but seamless. Sure, you might hear from the one unicorn homeowner who made […]

10 Ways to Bring Natural and Organic Elements into Your Interiors

The ability to bring nature into your home has been an ambition that homeowners have strived for over the centuries. For generations humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into a space. In recent years the growing awareness of the dwindling of […]

Area Rug Ideas for Dark Floors

With dark floors come great responsibility. Here, we show you how to get the look with area rugs – without going too dark.Choosing black, charcoal, dark brown, dark green, dark purple, dark blue – you get the idea – for an area rug can be scary, especially if it’s a large area rug you want […]

6 House Goals to Set for Your Ideal Home

This year, create resolutions for your home. (Here, we call them “house goals.”) From outdoor furniture trends to ideas for keeping (and staying) organized, we’ve compiled six of the best ways to get your living quarters spruced up and photograph-worthy. Of course, every home needs different areas of improvement and not everything on this list […]

8 Sunroom Ideas That Bask in the Daylight

From dawn to dusk, a bright, clear sky (in all of its glory) is the most powerful energy force. In interior design, it awakens every nook and cranny. Whether you’re looking for simple ways to enhance natural light in your home or want to design a window-heavy addition from scratch – these sunroom ideas will […]


Today, the living room has become a versatile space in every home. For the past few years, most of us have had to work from our homes. With the entire family sharing these shared spaces, its design and utility need more emphasis and thought. Besides that, with the variety of furniture, materials, fabrics, accessories and […]

How To Arrange Two Couches in the Living Room?

Arranging the layout of your couch holds the utmost importance in creating a certain vibe in your living room. Whether you want a formal ambiance or dominantly casual, the way you tend to lay out the furniture has a lot to say about your personality and living room aura. In general, a living room consists […]

Essential Design Styles Everyone Should Know

No one wants to be put in a box, particularly when it comes to design. Gone are the days when showrooms and well-designed homes were crafted to be picture-perfect representations of a particular aesthetic or design school. Today, good design is all about blending and adapting design styles to suit your space, tastes, and personal […]