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6 House Goals to Set for Your Ideal Home

This year, create resolutions for your home. (Here, we call them “house goals.”) From outdoor furniture trends to ideas for keeping (and staying) organized, we’ve compiled six of the best ways to get your living quarters spruced up and photograph-worthy. Of course, every home needs different areas of improvement and not everything on this list […]

Transform Any Space into a Personal Library

You needn’t be a bibliophile to long for a library in your home—a space where you can retreat to read, or listen to music, or daydream, or simply enjoy your own company and, maybe, that of the select few you invite to join you. Luckily even if your home lacks a dedicated room to serve as a library, […]

How to Nail Thoughtful Minimalism

As we spend more time at home, we’ve noticed all the stuff we have lying around. Don’t get us wrong: We love our stuff. But we’ve been thinking about how people who love stuff can also love minimalism. Good design is all about form and function, and minimalism focuses on function above all else. We’re not […]

Awe-Inspiring French Country Living Room Ideas

AFrench country-style living room is ceaselessly appealing—as well as elegant, opulent, and timeless—no matter how many miles away from Burgundy you are. From a Provencal farmhouse to a seaside Brittany cottage to a Normandy country home, there’s inspiration to be pulled from the classic regions with rich history—and an equally as-rich design style. Utilizing a mix of classic […]

10 Small Kitchen Island Ideas That Will Add Some Serious Storage

very day, working with a small kitchen is a battle of bumping elbows and questioning where to store the cheese grater. That’s why we’re focusing on kitchen islands—no matter how big or small they are—which can hold the key to adding storage and saving space, making your kitchen feel roomier than it is. The tricks? Incorporating storage in unexpected spots […]


When it comes to inspiring kitchen wall decor ideas, the sky’s the limit. Don’t just paint it white and be done with it. Any kitchen deserves well thought out, smart interior design and savvy storage solutions just like any other room of your home. You can be as creative with your kitchen wall decor ideas […]


Elevate your decorating and organization game—literally—with the help of floating shelves. They’re endlessly versatile pieces, and we love how they instantly upgrade vertical spaces. Even better? There’s no wrong way to accessorize them. Whether your taste leans eclectic, earthy, glam or anything in between, it’s easy to add your own twist. Looking for inspo on how […]

How to Decorate a Bookshelf

Decorating a bookshelf seems pretty easy. You just fill it up with books…right? Not so fast! There’s a lot more to a well-styled bookshelf than meets the eye. But don’t be intimidated—decorating a bookshelf is a great way to express some creativity and flex your styling muscles. Here are some tips for decorating a bookshelf—inside and […]

Four Ways to Style Your Bookcase

Seeing a wall of books can be awe-inspiring when you’re at the library. When you’re at home, sometimes you want to bring a little personality into the mix. Want to learn how to style a bookcase? Follow our guide of bookcase decorating ideas to bring those shelves to life. Stack ’em Books don’t always have […]

Best of 2020: Top Living Room Ideas of the Year that Inspired Us

Every year brings with it a whole new set of trends. And as we come to the end of each year, it is time to reflect back on the trends of the past year that shaped homes across the world and to enjoy the features that we love the most. There are times when trends […]