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Kids’ Bedroom Design Ideas

If your child is walking, talking and climbing, it’s probably time to consider ditching the crib and officially transitioning into a big kid room. A big kid room and bed will help your little one to continue hitting milestones and developing as he or she grows up. Here are a few kids’ bedroom design ideas […]

15 Creative Kids’ Room Decor Ideas

Get inspired with these cute and clever decorating ideas for your little one’s space. Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be quite a task, especially if they are constantly going back and forth on their favorite theme. You want a space that will be long-lasting — not something you’ll have to redo a year or two […]


Like animals, kids are often wild. If it’s not noisy or messy enough in your house as it is, why not create your very own zoo? Not a real one, of course, but one that looks great on your wall and matches those oh-so-adorable traits of your kids. Using animal art is a simple, yet delightful, way […]

What Do You Put in a Nursery?

This guide will help you find what you should put in a nursery, where the crib and other furniture should be, what kind of storage you will need, and what is safe for your baby?  It’s quite reasonable to get overwhelmed while planning a baby nursery. With so many choices available, it is challenging to […]