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Blank walls can be dull and boring. Luckily, there are multiple ways to transform the look and appeal of your space and art works best. While there are different art pieces in the market, wooden wall art works magic. It’s favorite among many homeowners, and the reasons are apparent. However, simple mistakes can ruin the […]


Whether you’re ready or not, your precious bundle of joy is on the way. Once you’re about five months along, it’s usually safe to start preparing for your baby’s arrival. One of the most significant projects is getting the nursery ready. Whether you’re designated space in your bedroom or using a spare room in your […]

Tips to Curate A Museum-Worthy Home Art Collection

If your ideal weekend involves hopping around galleries and museums, then you might be tempted to give your own white walls a bit of art. And you don’t need blue-chip originals to curate a spectacular home gallery. Our senior designers have these tips for curating your home art collection. Matching Frames Why settle for a […]

How To Curate Art For Your Home

Art is integral to any home. Whether you prefer abstract, representational, or photographic pieces, art is a reflection of your home and your personality. But purchasing art can be daunting. So don’t wing it. Our senior designers have these tips for selecting home art. PICK PIECES THAT MATCH YOUR STYLE The first step in selecting wall art […]

7 Kitchen Wall Art Ideas: Simple Tips And Tricks

The kitchen has always been the most magical room of the house. When we’re feeling under the weather, it gives us nourishment. When we feel like celebrating, it gives us indulgence. And when we’re flat-out hungry, it gives us satiation. Why not give a little back? Show a little love to your kitchen through wall […]

Paris Decor Ideas for Your Personal Chateau

Welcome to the Chateau [insert your name here]! In this chateau, every room is filled with Paris decor — the way the Parisians do it. Paris may be a city in the “real” world, but in the world of fashion, design and art, Paris is everything. Whether you’re a painter, decorator or designer, it’s where […]

Florals: How to Use This Classic Pattern in a Modern Way

Floral prints are a classy addition to any space. However, they have the reputation of being a type of pattern associated with older home styles. Country kitchens tend to use florals on wallpaper. Victorian styles have floral prints on everything. Even retro spaces sometimes go for funky and artsy floral prints. But if you want […]


Who among us isn’t triple checking our bank statements and telling ourselves to cut back on spending? Somehow, it doesn’t stop us wanting to revamp our home and enjoy a fresh new look though. But don’t worry – it is possible to make changes without spending a fortune! To maximise your bang for buck, try these easy […]

Special Decor Ideas To Make Your Baby’s Room Unique

Now that we already covered the basic items that you need to have in the room for your baby. It’s time to see how you can turn it unique. Themes While you may be a bit cautious about the idea of using gender neutral colors. Start by choosing a theme for your nursery. Most of […]

7 Tips to Make a Small Kid’s Bedroom Look Great

Apartments in the US, especially kid’s rooms, are getting smaller by the day. But that doesn’t lower the rent. In fact, according to CNBC, renters are paying more for smaller apartments. Most newly-built apartments now have a 941-square feet size. This is relatively five percent smaller than a decade ago.  This issue has unleashed homeowners’ […]