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Burgundy Color Palettes for Gorgeous, Moody Designs

Burgundy is a surprisingly versatile color, thanks to its many variations. Creating a burgundy color palette can include hues like maroon, wine, or even raisin. This gives you so much flexibility in finding the perfect color combination for your home. Burgundy Color Palette Inspiration With so many variations of burgundy, it’s helpful to see how […]

7 Design Ideas Renters Need to Know

7 Design Ideas for Renters No situation exasperates design commitment issues like moving into a rental. For starters, you’ve got the tricky task of covering 80% of your floors in carpet, and every piece of art you hang is just another hole you’ll need to patch in a few years’ time. Moving into an apartment? Let’s […]

10 Ways to Boost Creativity for Design Professionals

Have you ever wondered how an architect comes up with an award-winning building design or a fashion designer creates a fashion-forward line of clothing that everyone wants? Creativity is at the heart of all design and seeking the inspiration to boost that creativity can sometimes be a challenge. In some ways, we are all design […]

6 House Goals to Set for Your Ideal Home

This year, create resolutions for your home. (Here, we call them “house goals.”) From outdoor furniture trends to ideas for keeping (and staying) organized, we’ve compiled six of the best ways to get your living quarters spruced up and photograph-worthy. Of course, every home needs different areas of improvement and not everything on this list […]

Prairie Style Interior Design Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is a small dose of prairie style interior design images to get the creative wheels turning – and you one step closer to your ideal prairie style home. Here are a few of our favorite images, brought to you by our friend @allihavrilla. Natural Colors Natural is a color – in […]


As a homeowner, you’ve already gone through a great deal of trouble to search for a home, make an offer and finalize the sale–a process that can often take several months or longer. As such, when you finally own your own home, you naturally want to make it your own. Aside from unpacking, organizing rooms, […]

Better Your Home With These 10 Interior Design Secrets

Want to know a secret? How about 10? Because we know that interior design can be both daunting and puzzling, whether you’re a novice or an enthusiast, we turned to our expert designers to dish their trusted interior design secrets to let you in on tried and true tricks of the trade to easily elevate […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Finishing a Basement and Creating the Perfect Bonus Space

Finishing a basement feels like the ultimate goal for many homeowners. Not only is it a chance to add some more — probably much needed — living space to your home, but it allows you the rare opportunity to design a room from the ground up. Working with that much flexibility can often feel overwhelming, […]

Classic Interior Design Styles Defined

Whether you’re in the know or have no clue as to what makes design movements like traditional interior design ideas differ from transitional décor, we tasked ourselves to devise the ultimate breakdown of interior design styles as our Décor Aid interior designers and team members are frequently asked to define the differences for our clients. From Hollywood […]