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10 Things to Do With the Empty Space Over Your Bed

You’ve got the perfect headboard and bedding set up. But does your bedroom still feel a little … vanilla? The large and empty wall area over your bed is probably the reason something’s missing. It’s not easy to decorate the area over your bed — it’s a long and sometimes narrow area. Here are some easy ways you […]

Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas for a Modern Kids’ Room

Laughing…crying…playing…fighting. A shared sibling bedroom is a beehive of activity and needs. And that means there’s a lot for parents to tackle when creating their kids’ shared bedroom. With twice the amount (or more) of evolving personalities and necessities, it’s often a daunting task for parents to accommodate storage, space and the individual style of each child.Here are some […]

Master bedroom ideas for the dreamiest night’s sleep every night

Considering we spend about a third of our lives asleep, creating the perfect place to lay your head  is worth its weight in gold. There should be nowhere you sleep as well as in your own home and finding the master bedroom ideas can make this a reality for you. Of all the bedroom ideas in your […]

Retreat Yourself: 6 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Hotel Suite

There are countless reasons to need a vacation. Perhaps you want to explore a new destination, immerse yourself in a different culture or discover a unique cuisine. Our favorite reason to escape, however, is simple . . . the hotel bedroom. From luxury amenities, to boutique-style comforts, hotel room design is known for offering a […]

Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas for the Free Spirit

Boho-style decor showcases multiple layers, colors, textures, and artistic accents. Thinking outside the box can create unconventional, happy art accidents for rooms; there are no formal compositions when designing your bedroom, so let your creative juices flow! 1. Wall Art Wall art adds playful visuals that capture the allure and essence of the boho movement. […]


Are you searching for fun and trendy ways you could decorate your little boy’s room this year? Kids spend a lot of time playing and learning in their rooms, and having an environment that inspires them and speaks to their personality can act as a major motivator and mood-booster. Whether you’re shopping for wall art decor or […]

Neutral bedroom ideas – ways to create a calming sleep space

Neutrals are the ‘no makeup’ makeup of interiors – it looks effortless but totally isn’t. Neutral bedroom ideas are ideal if you want to create a soothing space to retreat to after a long day that makes you breathe a sigh of relief. Which is all of us, non? Whatever easy-on-the-eye hues you choose, rest assured that […]


Let’s face it – the little ones in our homes pretty much dictate the way of life for us. Their toys, books, videogames, numerous clothes, and other storage items tend to take up space and their little, yet energetic vigour tends to keep us on our toes all day. Having said that, one would also […]

Girls bedroom ideas- 10 ways to transform their sleep space

Maybe they’ve been asking you to give their bedroom a make-over for months, or perhaps you’ve noticed their current space lacks style, either way, these girls bedroom ideas will help you to create the bedroom of their dreams. While pinks and pastels are still popular for girls rooms, they are no longer a requisite for decorating and […]

Boho Nightstand Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

Boho style is one of my favorites. It’s a beautiful blend of textures, natural woods, and the comfiest furniture. If you’re in the market for a nightstand for your bohemian bedroom, you’re in luck. In fact, there are so many good options it might be hard to make a final decision. Here are 6 of the best […]