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This Sun-Drenched California Home Perfectly Blends Antique and Contemporary

When designing a sun-drenched home in Playa Vista, California, Julia Newman of Julia Adele Designs had the opportunity to help her clients start anew while marrying contemporary and traditional styles.  “Although the space is not small, it was downsizing for the client,” Newman explains. “Their previous home was very large and traditional. The furniture reflected this, and therefore was […]

Awe-Inspiring French Country Living Room Ideas

AFrench country-style living room is ceaselessly appealing—as well as elegant, opulent, and timeless—no matter how many miles away from Burgundy you are. From a Provencal farmhouse to a seaside Brittany cottage to a Normandy country home, there’s inspiration to be pulled from the classic regions with rich history—and an equally as-rich design style. Utilizing a mix of classic […]

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas So Cool, You’ll Wish They Were Yours

We’re all guilty of favoring our grown-up spaces and avoiding the kids’ areas when we can. These spaces tend to be a bit less stylish and often more cluttered than we’d like. But believe it or not, children have a design style, too. They might have a more difficult time pinpointing it, there’s nothing like an eye-catching wallpaper […]

The First 5 Things You Should Buy When Decorating Your Dining Room

Is it just us, or is the dining area one of the most underrated rooms in a home?  Sure, a dining room may not be as key as, say, a living room or bedroom. And yes, most small spaces don’t even have an entire room dedicated to fine dining. However, whether you have a formal dining […]

10 Small Kitchen Island Ideas That Will Add Some Serious Storage

very day, working with a small kitchen is a battle of bumping elbows and questioning where to store the cheese grater. That’s why we’re focusing on kitchen islands—no matter how big or small they are—which can hold the key to adding storage and saving space, making your kitchen feel roomier than it is. The tricks? Incorporating storage in unexpected spots […]

Choosing the Best Vases for Your Blooms

Just as sneakers aren’t the ideal footwear for a black-tie wedding, a mason jar isn’t the best way to show off long-stemmed roses. One type of vessel, no matter how luxurious the material (hello, crystal!) or simple the shape, is unlikely to suit all types of floral arrangements. When deciding which vase best flatters a particular bouquet, […]

Spotlight on… Green Interiors and Decor

elcome to The Edit, a monthly trend report where we share products we’re coveting. This month, we’re spotlighting the color that’s taking over interiors just as it’s finally reappearing in our landscapes: glorious green. After months of staying inside, we’re leaning into the season’s promise of happier times ahead. Nature is the ultimate inspiration when it […]

Guide to Small-Space Design

We’ve always believed that no matter the size of your space, your home should reflect your style—and yes, that goes for 400-square-feet apartments too! Studio Apartments Studio apartments are a design-lover’s ultimate challenge. With only a few hundred square feet (if you’re lucky) to transform, every choice you make must be perfect. Intimated? Don’t be.  […]

How to Choose Furniture for Small Spaces

Living in a home that’s short on space, doesn’t have to cramp your style. Our five small space design strategies can help you make the most of tight quarters. And yes, the ideas go beyond using small living room furniture. Although we think that’s a good place to start. Understanding Scale Choosing the right furniture for small spaces […]