With the ever-changing demand for beauty as well as beautifying the living space and family home, the choice of wall paintings for decoration has become more popular than ever. Each picture will show different styles, bold personality and preferences of the owner. Looking at the decoration and arrangement of the paintings also shows the creative ability as well as the high aesthetic taste of the homeowner. But among them, we will certainly not forget to mention the Scandinavian style painting line, as known as Nordic style, which is currently a new trend and is loved by many people, because of its minimalist but extremely sophisticated style.

What is Scandivanian style?

Scandinavian is the common name for a region or all of Northern Europe. This region includes countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The land of the Vikings, snow and white houses. It is also rich in nature, with diverse flora and fauna.

Scandinavian style very clearly shows the personality of life in this rich land, such as sophistication, minimalism and comfort. Not only minimalist in furniture, shapes and lines, but also in color. This decoration trend is very addictive not only for painters, or designers but even modern Vietnamese families love such decoration.

Scandinavian style wall paintings

Scandinavian style was born from the unique characteristics of the climate and location of the vast Nordic land. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the main tones of earth, gray, white, green, blue … with the content of paintings towards nature, flowers, plants and animals appear extremely popular. They resonate with each other and create a feeling of openness, warmth but no less peace for a living space that was inherently dull before being decorated with Scandinavian paintings.

Nordic style wall paintings use simple decoration with gentle and extremely delicate colors. Helps to minimize details to create a living space that feels airy and clear. Using bright colors, featured colors bring true images with flowers, plants and trees. Or the life in the wild of birds and animals is scaled and reproduced on a vivid and outstanding canvas background.

Textures and Materials of Scandinavian Paintings Patterns and Materials of Scandinavian Paintings

Scandinavian paintings do not use as many colors as other types of paintings. It favors the simple harmony on each line, showing the delicate elegance. Use images of nature from close to each leaf and flower. Or with the vegetation, with the activities of animals to the majesty of the mountains. Nature in the Nordic landscape is portrayed very gently and harmoniously in each Scandinavian style painting.

The special thing about this line of Scandinavian paintings is that they will be painted on high quality Canvas with high oil ink technology. Besides, the outside is nested into a frame with wooden material that will give birth to a unique picture. Classic rustic but delicate and gentle, very suitable for you to use in your small house decoration.

Advantages of Scandinavian paintings

Canvas fabric, also known as burlap, is a high-quality fabric woven in a horizontal grain, the tightness of the fabric is customized by the weaver, it has a certain hardness and roughness, so it has high durability. Canvas fabric does not use bleaching chemicals for bright white, so it is not toxic to users. The fabric is light so it’s easy to maintain and clean.

The print is easy to catch ink with sharpness, high durability and not easy to fade. With the material from canvas, it will help the Scandinavian wall paintings to become clearer in color, and extremely vivid as well as very easy to clean and maintain.

How to decorate your home with Scandinavian paintings

These special Scandinavian-style paintings are also not easy to combine with many other items such as sofa rugs or wall colors. They will easily be mixed with incompatible furniture objects, making the decoration composition mixed and less prominent.

  • Combination of light and Scandinavian painting

Every painting needs an open space layout and a place with plenty of light to show off the delicate lines of the picture. Scandinavian style paintings are the same, with a gentle but delicate Nordic style with bright and elegant colors. It is very necessary to have a place with enough light to enhance its beauty.

A white electric light source, or warm yellow light will be a great choice or a large area of ​​natural light from outside the window is also a novel idea for your painting to be more vivid. . Or placing it near the railing will also make the picture more prominent, helping to increase the harmony of your home.

  • Decorative items accompanied by Scandinavian paintings

It is not necessary that you combine these paintings with large furniture such as sofas or smart TVs. But only small pieces of furniture such as ceramic statues, potted plants or a small bookshelf stand. It is also enough to make your home look more harmonious and elegant.

This special Scandinavian style along with the combination in the interior arrangement will make your home more harmonious with the layout. Expressing the outstanding, elegant but very simple and impressive. But still retains the gentle and cozy features that are extremely new, bringing new life to the home space.

Some impressive Scandinavian paintings

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