Stainless Steel Wall Art Options That Make a Big Impact

Abstract Pieces

For a modern look, abstract wall art is an excellent choice. These pieces are often handmade, but they are also available in fun mass-produced designs. Most people think of “abstract” art as a piece that does not directly represent anything.

Stainless steel is perfect for abstract art. The modern, man-made feel of the material is perfect for abstract art. Textured material can give it depth, and pieces can range from small decorative artwork to wall-size installations.

For unique art, it’s best to seek out an artist who specializes in this material; however, custom pieces can be expensive. Budget decorators can find great metal artwork at stores like Wallcorners.

Wall Waterfalls

Waterfalls made of stainless steel can bring the movement and beauty of water to your living room wall. This type of artwork is unique because it incorporates the natural beauty of the moving water with the modern design of stainless steel. In general, these indoor water features are more expensive than standard metal art.

Dimensional Metal Art

Stainless steel wall art doesn’t need to be flat. Artists sometimes create three-dimensional pieces that make a very dramatic statement. Because stainless steel is a malleable material, it lends itself very well to this sort of design. It’s possible to find mass-produced three-dimensional pieces, but in general, dimensional art is usually made by craftsmen. 

Do It Yourself

Having a hard time finding a piece that’s the perfect size and style while still staying within your budget? You can create your own work of art with stainless steel raw materials. Here are some of the supplies you can use to make your masterpiece:

  • Heavy duty wire
  • Mesh
  • Sheet metal
  • Pipes
  • Metal tiles

If you don’t have welding experience and don’t want to get too involved with the project, you can still create a unique piece of wall art. Simply stretch stainless steel mesh in a large, modern picture frame. Then use heavy duty wire to attach various objects like beads, rocks, metal pieces, glass, or shells. All you need are a few supplies and some creativity.

Things to Keep in Mind

When choosing metal wall art, there are a few things you should consider. Use the following tips to help you find the right piece of art for your room.

  • Know the look you want. If you’re more interested in traditional or country décor, look for a piece that mixes several different materials to present a more conventional look. For contemporary or transitional rooms, look for a piece with more defined edges and a simple style.
  • Give some thought to your budget. Buying a high quality, unique piece of art can be expensive. If you don’t have the decorating budget to finance a one-of-a-kind piece, consider making one yourself or buying a mass-produced design.
  • Make sure the wall can support the piece. Stainless steel is heavy, and large pieces can weigh quite a bit. Dimensional pieces also sometimes require additional support. Mount the piece to the studs to ensure it will not damage your wall.

Most importantly, keep in mind that art should speak to you on a personal level. Think about how the piece makes you feel, and let that feeling guide your choice.