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Burgundy Color Palettes for Gorgeous, Moody Designs

Burgundy is a surprisingly versatile color, thanks to its many variations. Creating a burgundy color palette can include hues like maroon, wine, or even raisin. This gives you so much flexibility in finding the perfect color combination for your home. Burgundy Color Palette Inspiration With so many variations of burgundy, it’s helpful to see how […]

5 Essential Tips to Bring Budget Design Ideas to Life

If you have Ethan Allen tastes with a Target budget, the best budget decorating ideas can help you create the home of your dreams while keeping your bank balance equally pleasing. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look you want, as long as you keep a few basic ideas […]

6 Cheap Decorating Ideas to Accessorize Smartly on a Budget

Cheap decorating ideas don’t necessarily mean poor quality products and materials. The keys to having a great low-cost project are planning your project and researching for the lowest prices. Reclaimed Floors You can have great looking floors if you take the time to research ways to cut costs. Discount warehouses and closeouts are the first […]

Stainless Steel Wall Art Options That Make a Big Impact

Abstract Pieces For a modern look, abstract wall art is an excellent choice. These pieces are often handmade, but they are also available in fun mass-produced designs. Most people think of “abstract” art as a piece that does not directly represent anything. Stainless steel is perfect for abstract art. The modern, man-made feel of the […]

5 Aquatic-Themed Bathroom Ideas to Sail Away With

Steal away to an aquatic respite each time you enter your bathroom. Beach and ocean side themed bathrooms provide you with a sensation of sun, breeze, and sea. 1. Octopus Bathroom Theme The octopus theme offers you a unique fun look for your aquatic bathroom design. This cute sea creature of the ocean gives you […]

Designing for Small Spaces: 23 Creative Tips and Tricks

Think Ahead Planning is always an important component in interior design, but it is particularly crucial in small spaces. Sit down with pencil and paper, not only drawing the layout of the room or floor plan, but also forming a list of the quarter’s necessities. Scrutinize the potential uses of the room. Consider the furniture […]