Small Bathroom Vanities that Take Back Your Space

 Just because your bathroom lacks space doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. You simply have to figure out clever, space-saving ways to lay it out. In most bathrooms, the sink cabinet is often too large and lacking in useful storage. Take back some of your tiny bathroom. Replace old, outdated cabinets with one of these modern small bathroom vanities.

Wall-mounted small bathroom vanities

Luxurious bathroom with natural black stone tiles and white stone tiles. Round mirror. Small bathroom.

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One of the best ways to open up the flow of a tiny bathroom is by wall-mounting your bath vanity. Add baskets or boxes below the vanity for extra storage. Or, you can also leave the space open for a clean, minimalist feel. Wall-mounting a small bathroom vanity takes a little extra work – the vanity must be anchored to the wall studs – but the extra effort may be worth it for a clean, contemporary look.[deals-hub-ad]

Corner bathroom vanities for tiny bathrooms

small bathroom

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Corners are often unused and forgotten spots. Why not designate a bathroom corner as the wash area?

Small bathroom vanities with storage

storage small vanity

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Adding storage to a tiny bathroom is one of the best ways to hide clutter. It also creates a visually larger, more expansive bathroom. These small bathroom vanities feature smart drawers and shelving that make use of every square inch in the cabinet.

Small pedestal sinks

Pedestal sink in a bathroom.

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If storage is not an issue, a small pedestal sink may be the perfect upgrade. These are great in a guest bathroom where a statement pedestal can make the room memorable. Check out these architecturally stunning small pedestal sinks.

Mirrored small bathroom vanities

vanity in bathroom

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Nothing brightens and expands a small space better than mirrors. The following small bathroom vanities feature chic mirror designs. They add style and also create a bigger bathroom effect.

Small glass bath vanities

glass sinks

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Tiny bathrooms can feel closed in and restricting. A glass vanity can add a contemporary look. Plus it provides extra counter space without making the bath feel cramped.

Apron-front small vanities

vanity and tub classic

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The farmhouse style is one of the hottest home design styles today. Adding an apron-front sink vanity adds that updated country-chic look to your bathroom, even if it’s space-challenged.