Kitchen chandelier ideas – statement lighting for your cook zone

Renovating a kitchen is one of the most expensive projects in the home, so it pays to focus on timeless design. Colours and styles that will last are better than looks that will date sooner than last year’s TikTok craze. However, to add some pizazz to a backdrop that will stand the test of time consider kitchen chandelier ideas.

‘If you see a chandelier you love and it works in your space buy it. Just keep in mind the other material and colour choices you’ve made, so you don’t lose coherence at the last hurdle,’ says Emma Cowburn, senior kitchen designer at Harvey Jones. ‘Lights aren’t forever, you can take them with you when you move house. Or you can sell them on ebay when you want to redecorate.’

Kitchen chandelier ideas

When planning your kitchen lighting ideas, consensus among designers is to include a mix of task and accent lighting. This is usually done with a combination of spotlights, under-cabinet LED strips and pendants or chandeliers.

‘We’ve seen a high demand for chandeliers,’ says Jo Plant, head of design, Pooky. ‘In a larger space, or a kitchen with high ceilings, you can make a real design statement with a showpiece designer chandelier.

‘In terms of styles and finishes, there has been a definite shift towards the more glamorous, Art Deco statement chandeliers over the simplicity of industrial or the more traditional lighting styles.’ 

1. Repeat smaller versions of a statement light

Grey kitchen with white countertop and chandliersView colours

If you’ve opted for a large statement chandelier in your dining area, repeat the style in the kitchen. Two large lights of the same size may compete with each other. However, if smaller versions of your statement piece are available, repeating them is a great kitchen island chandelier idea to create visual coherence.

‘Glass pendants or chandeliers are a brilliant way to subtly introduce colour or texture into a space and can be mixed and matched to create visual interest,’ says Richard Moore, design director, Martin Moore.

2. Go for gothic glamour

Black chandelier in white kitchenView colours

When planning kitchen diner ideas you can do away with the more functional lighting often required in the cook zone and go for something more decorative. Give your space a touch of glamour with a dramatic black chandelier over the kitchen table to set the mood when eating or entertaining.

‘To add interest and help draw the eye, try placing a striking low-hanging chandelier over the dining table – this works particularly well in a larger space, or a kitchen with high ceilings.’

3. Make it centre stage

White kitchen with chandelierView colours

Knowing where to hang your chandelier is key to it making an impact in your interior. It’s a decorative piece but it needs to illuminate your surfaces sufficiently as well.

‘Remember, if you’re using a single statement light, always position it in the centre of the island,’ says Charlie Smallbone, founder, Ledbury Studio.

‘An island performs a range of roles in the kitchen. It’s where you cook, wash up, and prepare food, but it can also be where you dine or socialise. The right lighting is therefore crucial, and – most importantly – it should be able to adapt to all functions.’

4. Choose a chandelier-style cooker hood

Grey kitchen with globe chandelierView colours

Kill two birds (so to speak) with a statement cooker hood that looks like a chandelier. It’s a great small kitchen lighting idea if you have your heart set on a chandelier, but not enough space. Not only will it sparkle with LEDs, adding ambient light to your kitchen while you’re cooking, but it’ll also filter out steam and stale food smells too.

Complement a chandelier-style cooker hood over a hob with a row of pendants over a preparation area at the other end of your island. Reflecting a detail in its design, such as the tiny cuboid shapes in this Elica extractor, in your pendant choice will tie them together visually.

5. Choose a simple linear style

White kitchen View colours

If you’ve gone for a simple Shaker style kitchen cabinetry, an OTT light fixture could look out of place. Maintain the clean, uncluttered effect with a simpler style of chandelier in a linear design.

‘Use the lighting style to coordinate with your chosen aesthetic, and choose designs that are as functional as they are good to look at,’ says Mary Buchanan, creative director, Laura Ashley Lighting. ‘A luxurious touch can be added with glass for light play and reflection.’