Budget small bathroom ideas

If you aren’t blessed with space in your bathroom, there are things you can do to make it appear bigger. The most important thing is light whether it’s natural light or artificial, followed by good storage, so everything has a place and the bathroom doesn’t feel cramped or messy. There are lots of budget small bathroom ideas that can help create the illusion of space without spending a fortune.

If you are looking for budget small bathroom ideas, consider buying budget sanitaryware, re-using something you already have, such as a vintage chest as a vanity unit, or looking for clearance items, lots of bathroom and tile companies do this, so you can often pick up designer pieces at a bargain price.

Budget small bathroom ideas

There are also visual tricks you can use to make a small bathroom feel bigger – using mirrors is an obvious one, or having horizontal tiling to make a bathroom seem wider, or vertical to make it seem taller.

1. Choose inexpensive fittings


Sanitaryware does pretty much the same job no matter how much you spend on it, so if you are on a budget, check out DIY retailers for inexpensive toilets, basins and baths. Factor these in early when planning your small bathroom layout.

This stylish, rounded square shaped Cooke & Lewis Santoro WC and basin only costs £235 from B&Q. However, it pays to spend more on good quality brassware and toilet flush systems to prevent problems later on.

2. Consider compact storage

Red and white bathroomView colours

If you have a small bathroom, storage is so important to avoid it looking untidy. This compact bathroom has it covered – budget small bathroom ideas include a slimline vanity unit with storage beneath, a triple wall unit with mirrors and storage behind, a tall slim cupboard for cleaning products and towels and if that wasn’t enough, a trolley for any extra toiletries.

It’s also been given a mini-makeover with a deep band of red paint on the white tiles which is picked up in the door and frame, trolley and accessories.

3. Paint the walls

power pink bathroom with round mirror above bowl sink basinView colours

Painting the walls a different colour is one of the best budget small bathroom ideas. Changing the colour will give the room a whole new look, whether you want something calming or bold. Make sure to choose paint that is designed for wet areas such as this Bathroom Paint, £25 for 2.5l from Crown which has built-in anti-mould technology and will therefore stay looking good for longer.

This soothing colour is Powdered Clay.  The column radiator has been painted in the same shade. A small sized basin like this is ideal for a small bathroom too and adds a contemporary design element.

4. Re-use an old cabinet

bathroom with blue star tiles and wooden sink cabinetView colours

Jump on the upcycling trend and use an existing piece of furniture, often vintage, as a vanity unit. If you have a small chest of drawers like this one, it can easily be repurposed to create a stylish addition to the bathroom. A hole is drilled in the top for the waste and a hole at the back for the plumbing. It also has the added benefit of having storage for towels in the drawers beneath. Modern small bathroom tile ideas create a stylish backdrop and a vintage mirror is the ideal finishing touch.