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How To Plan A Kitchen Remodel – Questions To Ask Yourself First

There’s no question that the kitchen is often the heart of every home as its where your family and friends gather for home cooked meals, homework and family meetings, so it should radiate warmth and comfort. If your kitchen is outdated or the appliances are mismatched, consider yourself in the market to renovate your kitchen. A […]

How to Add Pops of Color In Your Home

Any good designer will tell you that a neutral palette can be a great backdrop needed to create a well-curated interior. In fact, an amazing way to add a stylistic cohesiveness throughout your home is by sourcing neutral decor. In the past few years, this design theme was emphasized in the trending colors. Tans, various […]

Tips to Curate A Museum-Worthy Home Art Collection

If your ideal weekend involves hopping around galleries and museums, then you might be tempted to give your own white walls a bit of art. And you don’t need blue-chip originals to curate a spectacular home gallery. Our senior designers have these tips for curating your home art collection. Matching Frames Why settle for a […]

Interview with Furniture Designer Aaron Portiz

When Aaron Poritz says he’s been around by furniture design and art for as long as he can remember, he’s not exaggerating. As a kid he spent a lot of time in his father’s wood shop and sculpture studio, and he ended up studying architecture and ceramics. But after working as an architect in New York for […]

How To Design A Nursery That Reflects Joy and Style

Few home projects are as life-changing as decorating a nursery. Setting up the baby’s room and choosing nursery decor can feel like a daunting task, but try to relax and have fun with it. After all, the most important thing is that you create a space where you and your baby will be comfortable. With […]

Home Décor Trends Inspired By Fashion

You might take it for granted, but fashion trends shouldn’t just upgrade the way you present yourself when they can also inspire how you dress and re-dress your environment. Though people are often quick to dismiss fashion as ephemeral and frivolous, there’s something to be said about the quiet synchronicity the fashion and interior design industries share […]

5 Interior Designs Ending In 2018

Sleek living spaces, tech-inspired decor, and cool color palettes were a few of the top interior design trends of 2017. Today, we see nature inspired homes, mixed metals and bolder hues stepping forward as new hot and fresh decor trends. Taking a look back at what was in and looking ahead to what will be […]

Keep Tidier And More Organized With These Fresh Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Even less than a decade ago, wall mounted kitchen cabinets were the ultimate kitchen storage units while many homeowners looked at open shelves as less sophisticated and country-inspired. However, today they have become a classic and increasingly popular choice for interior designers either during a kitchen remodel or for a newly constructed home. If you […]