Simple Table Decoration Ideas You Can Easily Copy in Your Home

A good centerpiece shouldn’t just be pretty. It should also be convenient to throw together. Why? It’s easy to get ambitious with dinner party décor, but when you’re juggling cooking, cleaning, and the chores that accompany everyday life, things never go quite as smoothly as you expect them to. No one has time to assemble an involved centerpiece when something’s burning in the oven. And since there are loads of simple table decorations that look genuinely lovely, why subject yourself to all that fuss? 

The truth is, your centerpiece doesn’t have to be complex to be pretty. There are tons of simple table decorations that look just as striking as the elaborate stuff, and since they demand a fraction of the time and effort, they’re worth having in your repertoire.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up simple table decoration ideas that will transform your table in just a few steps. So the next time you’re running behind on your dinner party to-do list, rest assured knowing at least one step can be crossed off with ease.

Mix and Match Monochromatic Pieces

A wood dining room table, topped with several different types of blue decor

Not sure where to start with your table décor? Consider committing to a single décor color. This may sound like a limitation, but it’s actually pretty freeing. If everything’s the same color, you can mix and match all kinds of different décor and still end up with something cohesive.

Put Your Favorite Plants in Cloches

A dining room table topped with three small plants, which have been stored inside cloches

Adorning your table with plants is a classic choice, but if you want to make your centerpiece feel a little more special, consider putting your plants inside cloches. Cloches are glass coverings that look like upside-down vases, and since they were originally designed to protect plants from the cold, they won’t look out of place next to your favorite bits of greenery

Turn Your Table Runner Sideways

A rustic dining room table, topped with a white linen table runner that's been turned sideways

Table runners make a classic addition to any dining room table, but if you want to switch things up a bit, consider turning your table runner sideways. Let it run across the width of your table, rather than the length, and bring your space together with a centerpiece of your choosing.

Cluster a Bunch of Matching Candlesticks

A wooden dining room table, topped with several black candlesticks, some of which are filled with black taper candles

If you want your candlesticks to stand out, pair them with matching taper candles, and then cluster them at the center of your table. By grouping them, you’ll create a pop of color that’s sure to draw the eye.

If you want to make things even more interesting, you can fill some of the candlesticks with candles and leave a few totally empty.

Cover a Tray With Pillar Candles

A dining room decorated with a bowl of fruit and a book at one end, and a tray topped with pillar candles at the other

Nothing sets the mood of a meal quite like candles, and if you’re looking for an unusual way to showcase your favorite candles, consider clustering several of them on a decorative tray. This approach should work with just about anykind of candle, but it’ll look particularly striking if you stock up on pillar candles of varying heights.

Fill a Bowl With Topiary Balls

A wooden dining room table, topped with a bowl filled with topiary balls

Looking for a not-so-obvious way to add greenery to your space? Fill a planter with topiary balls. Topiary balls are small balls crafted from faux greenery. (So, as you can imagine, they look like tiny, round bushes.) Thanks to their geometric silhouettes, topiary balls straddle the line between fake plant and objet d’art—and they make for a seriously striking centerpiece.

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