Three ways to use the same chair

Who says that you need a different chair for different activities? The right chair will be able to follow you around the home comfortably supporting you no matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it. Dining, working, socializing – a versatile chair will take it all in its stride.

An anthracite ODGER swivel chair standing in a dimly lit room.

A welcome guest for your guests

A dining area formed by a brown LANEBERG table and various chairs and stools, all standing on a multicolor VEDBÄK rug.

Comfortable to sit on thanks to the bowl-shaped seat and rounded shape of the backrest, this chair is a great complement to your usual dining chairs. Who knows, with its swivel function it might end up being the most popular place at the table

Shift topics, not position

A section of a dining area with an anthracite ODGER swivel chair and a brown LANEBERG table standing on a VEDBÄK rug.

Naturally, you and your guests want to sit as comfortably as possible. Chair pads add a little extra softness so you’ll be free to concentrate on the conversation and culinary delights, rather than trying to get comfortable.

An armchair with benefits

A medium-blue GLOSTAD loveseat and a LÖVBACKEN side table stand beneath a big, tall window in a room with rough walls.

Conventional armchairs are great, but they do usually take up a chunk of space. A chair like this offers you all the comfort and support of an armchair and even has a few advantages. It’s easy to move around and because it swivels, it’s a bit more fun to sit in

A chair that works with you

A compact workspace formed by a black FJÄLLBO laptop table, a FJÄLLBO shelving unit, and an anthracite ODGER swivel chair.

Time to pay the bills? No problem. This chair is up to the job of supporting you on the job. Aside from its comfortably formed seat it’s also height adjustable, making it easy to find the working position that’s just right for you

Support where you need it

In addition to its comfortably rounded seat and backrest, this chair also offers you the extra support of armrests. Because, let’s face it, arms can be heavy.See all chairs

An anthracite ODGER swivel chair standing in a dimly lit room with rough walls and a large, gridded window.

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