5 Interior Designs Ending In 2018

Sleek living spaces, tech-inspired decor, and cool color palettes were a few of the top interior design trends of 2017. Today, we see nature inspired homes, mixed metals and bolder hues stepping forward as new hot and fresh decor trends. Taking a look back at what was in and looking ahead to what will be in demand, we asked our senior designers to compile a list of interior designs from 2017 that won’t reappear this year. Read on to find out which five interior decor trends designers predict will end this year.

Goodbye All White Rooms

For 2018 our designers have predicted that we will see less stark white rooms. While white kitchens can exude class, purity, and cleanliness, it also can make a home feel cold, lifeless and reminiscent of a laboratory. This year kitchens and other all-white rooms will move away from sharp, sleek designs to earthy and organic. Expect to see more colors and bolder hues used in rooms throughout a home.

all white kitchen design

Image via: Country Living

Adios Gray Hues

Various shades of gray are quite useful for adding neutrality to a space that may feel overwhelmed otherwise. In spite of it’s complimenting factors, 2018 will see more people opting to neutralize an area with natural pastels rather than gray. Trying out this new trend is very easy, our senior decorators suggest incorporating the trend via accent decor or if you are trying to spice up your home, pick a pastel and paint an accent ceiling.

grey rose bedroom design

Image via: Cocondedecoration.com

Bye Bar Carts, Hello Coffee Carts

Now don’t get us wrong, when done the right way or perfectly staged bar carts can be a visually stunning addition to your home, yet don’t offer much functionality for daily use. Rather than being something you use every day, bar carts tend to take up space you could utilize in other ways. If you don’t want to part with your bar cart, an excellent reuse idea is to instead use it as a coffee cart, which is something you are likely to utilize every day.

golden bar cart

Image via: POPSUGAR

Bolder and brighter Colors are Here!

For a while now cool shades have dominated the trending colors list, indigo being a fan favorite amongst many. Well, get prepared to say goodbye because 2018 has already seen a sudden surge in bolder, brighter, warmer colors such as burnt yellows, and organic greens. While everyone might not welcome this new trend change, know that warmer shades tend to make a home more inviting and comfortable, while indigo can be.

indigo bedroom design


Welcome Unrefined Metals

Much like all white rooms, silver hardware boomed over the last few years. Kitchens and bathrooms all over the world had stainless steel or polished nickel hardware. We predict there will be an emphasis on the natural world. Our designers noted that they have already noticed granite, copper, and other unpolished metals replacing silver hardware. Silver hardware is conventional and expected, while mixed and unrefined metals will bring nature and a surprising amount of personality into your home.

stainless steel kitchen sink

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