Small Bedroom Ideas : 14 Inspirations To Try At Home

Are you faced with a petite bedroom but don’t know where to begin when considering small bedroom ideas to make the most of your space without having to skimp out on style? So, your bedroom is tiny – there’s nothing you can do to change that, but you can create the illusion of more space with these genius small bedroom design ideas to help you take advantage of your space while adding additional storage.

Floating Shelves

floating shelves bedroom

Floating shelves are a great way of displaying cherished personal items so you don’t have to keep them concealed to the point where you will never see them again, or where they’ll spend most of their lives with you stashed away in a storage box.

Graphic shelves like the ones featured here pack a subtle yet powerful punch when decorated accordingly. Another trick for the eye is to source shelves the same color as your walls so they can blend seamlessly into your bedroom decor ideas.  

Shelving as Art

4 piece accent shelving

Your bedroom is small, you have limited storage, and you don’t have any more space to put things away. Sound familiar? A great solution here is to turn shelving and storage into works of art for your bedroom design. Select interesting and unique shelving designs and display your items on them in a curated, artistic way.

Whether this is with books, toiletries, plants, perfumes, or makeup, with a bit of thought and color and scale coordinating, your collectibles and everyday items can be displayed thoughtfully for all to see.

Reducing Clutter

small bedroom design

Be stringent and free yourself of what truly you don’t need. If you haven’t used something in 6 months or a year, do you really need it? Having a good purge is an excellent way of reducing the amount of stuff in your bedroom, giving you more space to explore small bedroom design.

It’s also completely free, and you may even be able to make extra money out of it by going online and selling unwanted finds to help you fund small bedroom design ideas.

Use Light Colors

light colors bedroom design

One of the oldest design tricks in the book for bedroom decorating ideas, painting your bedroom a light color will help it feel more spacious, brighter, and comforting.

With small spaces, dark colors can make them feel even smaller, but if you want your room to feel much bigger than it is, choose light and airy colors, like whites.

Hanging Rails  

Hanging rails suspended from ceilings are a clever way of creating hanging storage for your clothes without taking up any precious floor space in your small bedroom design.

You can also add a dresser underneath for additional storage that you won’t get with a traditional wardrobe. And arranging your clothes by color is a great way of making a visually pleasing feature out of your garments on a hanging rail (a great small bedroom decorating idea).

Built-In Storage

built-in storage closet bedroom

Don’t let wall space you have go to waste when considering smart small bedroom design – choose built-in storage above and around your bed to make for plenty of wardrobe space. This doesn’t have to look old-fashioned; there are plenty of modern bedroom ideas for built-in wardrobes which look contemporary and stylish while giving you the extra space you need to store everything.

Get clever with storage in your bedroom design ideas and make sure you use every inch of space available to you. Take a leaf out of the Scandinavian design book for this and have a look at their timeless built-in storage.

Wall Mounted Lighting

bedroom wall mounted lighting

Table lamps can take up a lot of unnecessary space in a small bedroom design, but having a wall-mounted light fitting on a swing arm that you can move easily about, is a go-to decorator’s solution.

This allows for a smaller bedside table while still being able to read in bed easily. They also look alluringly stylish, especially if you are going for a more Scandinavian or minimalist look for your bedroom decorating ideas.

Hanging Lighting

bedroom pendant lights

Investing in a couple of pendant lights for your ceiling can negate the need for table lamps and floor lamps (another perfect bedroom decor idea). While still illuminating your entire room, you can position these lights so you can read by the light in bed, too.

If you have these on a dimmer switch, you can turn the light all the way up to illuminate the entire room, and go low when you are simply relaxing.

Floating Desks

wooden floating desk

A large wall-mounted shelf can easily double up as a desk space in a small bedroom design. Just make sure it’s firmly mounted to the wall and you can work distraction free.

Because there are no desk legs on the floor, your room will feel less cluttered, and thus there will be no large piece of furniture imposing your bedroom design.

Skinny Legs

skinny legs modern bed

By going for furniture with skinny legs, floor space is much more visible, making it feel as if you have a lot more room than you really do.

Floor space is your friend in a petite bedroom and the more you can see of it, the better when it comes to small room ideas.

Nesting Tables

glass topped nesting tables

Glass-topped nesting tables are a clever way of creating more tabletop space when you need it while stowing them away when you don’t. This works especially well for nightstands and bedside tables in a smaller bedroom design.

Day to day, you can have them tucked away, but when the time comes you can pull them out and arrange them as needed. This might be for reading materials when you’re working, space to put your laptop or just a bit of extra space.  

Get Rid of Your Bed

murphy bed for small bedroom

If you are really short on space and are in desperate need of space-saving small room ideas, maybe it’s time to re-think your sleeping situation? Getting rid of your bed (not completely) will save a ton of space in your room.

You can save space with a daybed in your bedroom design; the frames are smaller than your standard bed, and they often come with storage underneath, as well as doubling up for extra seating.

You could even consider a Murphy bed (one which folds out from the wall) so you can use the extra space during the day. You can also buy kits to turn your current bed into a Murphy bed – perfect if you are living in a small studio and are struggling with small bedroom ideas.

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