Dark Brown Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas

The classic dark brown leather sofa has served as a stereotypical focal point in the living room for decades. If not properly designed and utilized, let’s be honest, it can be an eyesore! Don’t get discouraged though, there are many ways to take your living room look to the next level. 

Let’s take a look at some photos and a list of ideas that will take your drab centerpiece, to one that your guests cannot take their eyes off of!

Here are 7 dark brown leather sofa decorating ideas:

1,Add Some Blankets

Add Some Blankets
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Adding blankets to your furniture piece can give it a layered look, as well as adding color that will compliment the sofa well. This white against dark brown look is modern, elegant, and definitely in-style. Get cozy and warm, all while styling your couch!

When picking a blanket or throw to add to your dark brown leather couch, consider a compatible color scheme; you can never go wrong with white, black, or grey. If you’d like to add a pop of color, try yellow. Just make sure it’s comfortable as well! What better way to invite guests in and make them feel at home. 

2.Find The Perfect Side Table

Find The Perfect Side Table
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Add a useful decor piece, such as a side table, with a unique look to it. A wooden theme will go perfectly with dark brown, and something modern will make your space look well-thought-out. To go for a more trendy look, find a side-table with a marble pattern.

Not only will a side or end table make your area look more full, but it can be a necessary addition to the living room. Place your coffee mug or some magazines on it and put it to use! Even better, find a side table with extra storage space to keep track of your remote instead of having to dig through the couch cushions! 

3.Show Off A Bookshelf

Show Off A Bookshelf
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For readers, this is a no-brainer. Placing a bookshelf by your couch is the perfect way to fill space by your sitting area, where you’ll most likely do a lot of reading. It’s a perfect place to show off your new additions, as well as all-time favorite books. Guests can learn more about you simply by taking a glance at your bookshelf.

For non-readers, this decor idea doesn’t exclude you! Adding a bookshelf can be a place to store any books, magazines, or how-to guides that you do happen to own. If you’re low on books, fill the space with interesting knick-knacks or trophies. The point is to show off anything you do care about!

4.Choose A Pillow

Choose A Pillow

Pillows are absolutely essential to almost any couch or comfy chair you decide to decorate your room with. Along with making furniture even more comfortable, they can express your style as well! There are so many types of pillows to choose from. Picking a pillow is no longer narrowed to basic colors or plain designs.

You can choose a neutral color if you plan on having more extravagant wall art, or you could go with a bolder approach and choose a pillow with a wacky design on it! Whatever you choose, your brown leather couch will now have a complimentary or accent piece to go along with it. Expressing yourself through a pillow may seem far-fetched, but simply searching for the perfect one for you can be a fun activity in itself!

5.Find Quirky Artwork

Find Quirky Artwork
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Artwork is a perfect way to add atmosphere to your living room and will make any space more interesting. When searching for brown leather sofa decor, you can easily forget to consider what will become of the space surrounding your seating area. Neglecting to pick out some unique artwork could result in an empty looking space. 

Try to think outside of the box and look for some artwork that will really grab your attention, as it will most likely have this same effect when you hang it above your couch. It would be extra observant of you to choose a piece of artwork that incorporates some dark brown tones to match your dark brown leather couch… genius!

6.Incorporate A Cool Coffee Table

Incorporate A Cool Coffee Table
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Expanding off of the idea of adding a side table, let’s not stop there! Now, all we need is a larger version to set in front of the couch. This is where you’re able to get very creative, keeping in mind what type of brown leather couch decor you’d like to invest in. The coffee table may be one of the first things that people observe when taking a look at your living room, so choose wisely!

Here are some things to ask yourself when picking a coffee table that will look stunning: What color goes with a dark brown leather sofa? What decorating ideas do I have for my living room? Would I like my coffee table to be more practical, or more of a statement piece? Apply your answers to your final decision and get to browsing!

7.Add Amazing Lighting

Add Amazing Lighting

The ambiance and feel of a room is almost solely determined by the lighting provided. Typically, when taking a look at living rooms with brown couches, there is a theme of keeping the light dim and having a somewhat mysterious atmosphere. This can encourage relaxation and can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you’re a natural, bright light person or a night mode person, lighting can be crucial to creating the space you want. Choosing a lighting fixture that will go either above or beside your modern brown leather couch should be one of the most important living room decisions you make, as it ultimately sets the mood.

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