8 Baby Girl Room Ideas That Are Cute Enough to Copy

regardless of the design style you favor, decorating a perfectly balanced room often requires a bit of restraint. Yes, we’re even talking to you maximalists. Think about it: whether it’s the boundaries you create with a curated color palette, a certain theme you’re going for, or the configuration of furniture to create an even flow throughout the room, there always seems to be something slightly limiting your creativity.

However, there’s one space that you can go all out with—honestly, the more colors, prints, layers, and decorative pieces, the better. We’re, of course, talking about the awe-inducing, cuteness overload that is the baby nursery.

Whether you’re going for the classic princess vibe, something that brings the best of nature indoors, or a look that’s modern and completely unexpected, we have 8 baby girl rooms that don’t hold anything back. Scroll through for the inspiration you need to really let those creative juices flow.

Decorate Where the Wild Things Are

baby girl rooms

Bring the beauty of the wilderness into your baby girl’s room with a gorgeous woodsy print. This pattern that features trees, streams, and woodland animals is sure to inspire intrigue in your little one. Complement it with wooden details, plush animals, and a cozy nook for storytime and regular feedings.

Make a Baby-Friendly Gallery Wall

Baby Girl Rooms

Although gallery walls are typically a must in spaces like the living room and dining room, there’s something so cute about adding a mini one to a nursery. Frame stills from your baby’s favorite storybooks and hang them above a crib to feed your child’s imagination day and night. The best part is it’s Instagrammable, to boot.

Turn Your Nursery Into a Pastel Party

baby girl rooms

If this baby room isn’t proof that pastels can feel more sophisticated than cutesy, we don’t know what is. This soft-toned room feels surprisingly cool, thanks to the set of pastel ombre canvases hanging over this crib. Shop for a similar set or get creative and DIY your own

Have Birds of a Feather That Flock Together

baby girl rooms

This popular wallpaper print is sure to please baby and parents alike for years to come. Special touches like a statement side table, velvet ottoman, and pineapple-shaped hamper all make it a space you’ll never want to leave—and we’re pretty sure baby will grow to love it too

Go Mellow With a Hint of Yellow

baby girl rooms

This gray and white nursery makes the perfect neutral backdrop for your growing baby girl. It’s easy on the eyes and creates a serene space for your little one to nap, play, and cozy up to storytime. We also love how the sunny yellow additions make it infant-friendly.

Pile On The Prints In Primary Colors

baby girl rooms

Give your little one a space that inspires imagination. We can’t think of a more inspiring space than this bedroom that mixes a zebra wallpaper, with red stripes and primary polka dots. The prints will keep your infant’s eyes wandering and the colors will surely stimulate their little brain

When Nature Calls, Pick Up the Phone

baby girl rooms

This rustic baby nursery is equally fit for an adult craving a cabin getaway. The birch tree wallpaper, mounted woodland plush toys, and warm wooden furniture all give this neutral space a cozy feel from season to season.

Go Down the Rabbit Hole

baby girl rooms

If you’re still pondering on a theme for your baby’s room, bunnies feel equal parts feminine, playful, and infant-appropriate. Incorporate framed prints, bunny-ear accessories, and plush toys into your little girl’s room to drive home that fuzzy cottontail cuteness.

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