Gym clothes for men: Tips to choose the right workout clothes for the gym

It is important to wear the right kind of clothes when you plan to hit the gym. You just cannot wear regular clothes, you need to opt for appropriate workout clothes that are breathable and allow complete flexibility when you go to the gym. Ill-fitting workout clothes can not only make you uncomfortable while exercising, it can also result in skin problems like itchiness and rashes. You need to to make sure that when you head to the gym, you are properly dressed. It will also make you look good and help you with your workout. Here are some tips to chose workout clothes for men(ALSO READ  Gym clothes for women: Tips to choose the right kind of workout clothes and how to dress up before you hit the gym). 

Wear a breathable tee

Wear breathable tee

When you wear a T-shirt to the gym, make sure that it is made of breathable fabric. Pick something that will easily absorb the sweat. Something that is made of cotton will suffice. Otherwise you can also opt for a  polyester microfiber blended fabric designed to wick away the sweat from your skin. Also, choose something that won’t restrict your motion while you are working out. If you are opting to wear a tank you can also show off your arms, otherwise just stick to a T-shirt

You can also go shirtless if you are comfortable and the gym allows you to work out shirtless. But if your gym has a strict code against going shirtless then you should avoid it, always know the rules beforehand.

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Wear shorts or sweatpants

Wear shorts or sweat pants

Similarly, when you pick out something to wear with your T-shirt, choose something that does not restrict your motion. Wearing shorts will give you a full range of motion, but do not wear something that extends below your knee as it will make you a little comfortable while moving your legs. You should wear shorts that have the perfect fit. Wear something that is not too tight, and also it should not be too loose. The elastic waist of your shorts should sit comfortably above the hips. Slip the shorts over the waistline about two to three inches to make sure that they do not snag against your knee and pull the drawstrings to tighten them. The hem of your shorts should sit just above the knee.

If you are not comfortable wearing shorts and want full coverage, then you can always go for sweatpants. Opt for cotton or nylon fabrics for maximum comfort and ease. 

Include a weight belt in your wardrobe

Include a weight belt in your wardrobe

If your workout schedule also includes lifting heavy weights, then include a weight belt in your wardrobe. The weight belt will help you avoid back injuries by providing support to your back and core. It should fit well between your ribs and hips to provide sufficient support. It should be typically made from firm leather or suede to provide you maximum support. You can find a weight belt online on e-co for approximately Rs 500. (ALSO READ Gym Makeup Routine: 5 beauty hacks to wear makeup to the gym).

Wear breathable socks

Wear breathable socks

Wear lightweight and  breathable cotton socks along with your gym shoes. Wear socks that are neither too tight not too loose, so that you can comfortably work out properly. Tight socks can constrict your legs and it can also slow down the blood circulation, making you uncomfortable while exercising. While loose socks can slide down your legs and distract your in between your workout. You can wear high socks or ankle length socks according to your preference. High length socks will wick away sweat easily whereas ankle length socks will give you more space to breathe. But make sure that you wear a pair that fits perfectly. 

Carry a towel

Carry a towel

Always carry a soft and clean towel with you to wipe your sweat while working out. Though most of the gyms provide towels, it is advisable that you carry your own towel and do not share it with anyone. Also, clean up all the sweat that you leave on a machine so that your sweat that carries bacteria does not infect someone else.

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