7 Tips to Make a Small Kid’s Bedroom Look Great

Apartments in the US, especially kid’s rooms, are getting smaller by the day. But that doesn’t lower the rent. In fact, according to CNBC, renters are paying more for smaller apartments. Most newly-built apartments now have a 941-square feet size. This is relatively five percent smaller than a decade ago. 

This issue has unleashed homeowners’ creative juices when it comes to decorating their small spaces, especially bedrooms. Although they don’t physically get the vast space, homeowners can at least make their small bedroom look great. And they don’t even have to be professional interior designers to do it.

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Try these 7 simple, affordable, and quick methods to make the most of the kid’s small bedroom

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1- Let natural light in

One way to make your small bedroom seem brighter is to let natural light in. If you happen to have huge windows, ensure that you open them all the time. Don’t block them with dark curtains so you’ll always have light in. 

Also, choose LED lights as they’re brighter and also cut down your utility bill. Having a darker room with minimal lighting makes the bedroom gloomy and small.

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2- Stick to lighter paint colors

I know choosing multi colors for your kid’s bedroom might seem like a fun idea. However, painting your little one room with various colors will make it look segmented. In turn, this makes the bedroom smaller. 

The best way is to stick to one color. Moreover, choose a color that’s light and airy. Lighter colors make small spaces look more prominent.

3- Eliminate clutter

Look around the bedroom and see which toys or furniture your child don’t need often. If you have a stereo, TV, big plush toys, tables, and chairs that seem unnecessary, take them out or keep them hidden in the closet. 

Free up some space in your small bedroom by sticking to only the things your kid really needs. According to Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark joy anymore, let it go. Plus, eliminating clutter makes way for items that you do need in your bedroom. 

4- Go for space-saving furniture

Having a small bedroom can be a puzzle, especially if it’s used for more than sleeping (playroom, homework, etc.). For instance, if you want to set up a workstation in your kid’s bedroom, this can be nearly impossible! 

So what you can do is to make space as much as you can by choosing space-saving furniture. For one, you can try out a loft bed. This bed will make ample space during the daytime. Another space-saving furniture is expandable tables. As for the chairs, go for Ottomans where you can conveniently insert them under tables or spaces. 

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5- Maximize under-the-bed storage

If you do prefer a standard bed, consider under-the-bed storage. This is a great space to store seasonal clothes, extra toys, or other things your kid doesn’t regularly access. You can buy portable storage boxes that fit underneath your bed. Separate the boxes by categories, so it’s easier to find the stuff you’re looking for. 

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6- Install mirrored closet doors

The “mirror” effect is a hack that interior design experts have been using for decades. Instead of going for ordinary closet doors, you can replace them with mirrors instead. Make sure that the mirrors are installed from wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling. Installing more mirrors in your small bedroom gives you the illusion of a doubled-up space.

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7- Hang shelves toward the ceiling

This is another trick that small bedroom homeowners use. One way to move the eye up is to put everything as high as you can. One is to set high curtains to give the impression that you have a high ceiling. And another one is to hang shelves closer to the ceilings. 

Installing wall shelves hits two birds with one stone. One is it saves so much space compared to standalone beds, and the other one is it leads the eyes upward. Overall, this creates an illusion of raised ceilinged in a small bedroom. 

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Those are an excellent start to make the most of a small bedroom. I’m sure you’ll find more ways to make your kids room look fabulous.


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