“I look at a nude. There are myriads of tiny tints. I must find the ones that will make the flesh on my canvas live and quiver.” – Pierre-Auguste Renoir

A nude is a nude is a nude. It’s simply not true.

Some of the earliest nude art of significance was from ancient Greece where religious festivals and athletic events celebrated the strong, virile male form in all its glory, mostly in the form of larger than life paintings and sculptures.

The female form, in contrast, was honoured for its fertility (think Greek goddess Aphrodite). The nude woman was depicted as softer, seductive and life-giving.

This classic art was beautiful, but not smutty, bawdy or obscene. And that’s similar to the contemporary collection we’ve curated for you below. There may be some sass, but there’s also amity, sophisticationromance and whimsy.

A prude is a prude is a prude. That’s closer to the truth.

Let’s instead rejoice in the beauty, elegance and intrigue of the human form with some tips on how to decorate using nude art.

Sophisticated Whimsy

We’re not decorating a man cave here. In creating a space of sophisticated whimsy think playful, fanciful and worldly wise. No matter what your style preference, everyone can achieve this.

Whether you love pastels or brights, find a nude piece that complements your existing decor – match with bedding, pillows, cushions and rugs. Alternatively lift a barren space with a bright print.

If you lean towards edgy, consider a bold, sassy nude print. If you lean towards classy, choose a chic, subtle nude impression.

1. Pastel peace

Nude Art - Aqua

REST WELL: This ‘Sleeping Nude In Blue’ is a perfect pastel peaceful print that will give a room a feminine touch.

2. Bright beauty

Nude Art - Glamour

POP: Bring a room to life with this colourful, bright ‘Glamour’ watercolour.

3. Sassy siren

Nude Art - Smoking

BRAZEN: ‘Smokin Hot’ and its sassy subject will transform a modern space into a Gatsby-esque party.

4. Classy couple

Nude Art - Passion

EMBRACE: Smooth lines and natural colours in this ‘Togetherness’ print add a subtly seductive touch to this minimalist modern bedroom.

Inspired Romance

Here, it’s not about designing a bedroom that inspires lovemaking (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but rather revelling in the spirit of lovemaking – daydreaming, desiring, contemplating.

It’s about selecting art pieces that open up your heart and your mind (not your legs!) whether single, coupled, with kids or without.

5. Daydream believer

Nude Art - Solitude

BLUSH: Turn a bedroom a little bit Moulin Rouge with this sensational ‘Solitude’ art print.

6. Solitary soul searcher

Nude Art - Contemplate

RUMINATE: A nude ‘Contemplation’ piece like this invites reflection and repose.

7. The Embrace

Nude Art - Love

TANGLED: There’s nothing quite like it, so let this ‘In Love’ piece speak for itself.

Feminine Wiles

Here we get a bit cheeky and with that comes plenty of colour and shape. This is a celebration of woman. This is art of women for women. It’s not here to serve a man’s fancy.

“I am woman, hear me roar,” said Helen Reddy. Not sure if this was what she had in mind, but let’s just channel some of that 70s free love and liberate as we decorate.

8. Life in colour

Nude Art - Dance

ROAR: Get ready to test drive nude art with the ‘The Dance Of Seduction’ from our modern collection.

9. Yonic yearnings

Nude Art - Erotica

PASSIONATE: Get tongues wagging, so to speak, with this ‘Sense And Sensuality’ art piece.

10. Steamy splash

Nude Art - Splash

BUBBLY: Wow with watercolour using ‘Body Splash’ to illuminate a bathroom.

Edgy Intrigue

Not quite abstract, but certainly a touch edgy and a touch surreal, these nude pieces are as compelling as they are unusual.

If you’re seeking to create an ambience that will beguile time and time again, choose a contemporary piece that will keep the viewer questioning. And be sure to let us know if you work out the meaning behind #14.

11. Flexible flirtations

Nude Art - Yoga

LITHE: Better than a ceiling mirror any day, this ‘Yoga Stripped Bare’ mirror image black and white photography print will finely finesse a bedroom.

12. A stripy affair

Nude Art - Illusion

DIFFERENT STROKES: ‘Use Your Illusions’ from our black and white collection is an excellent choice for a contrasting rather than complementing decor.

13. Digital damsel

Nude Art - Electric

MODEST: Don’t shy away from this ‘Electric Blues’ print, a delicious digital surprise also available in white marble.

14. WTF

Nude Art - Horse

HAYWIRE: Raise eyebrows with this ‘A Horse To Water’ artwork from our contemporary collection.


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