Ideas for Your Breakfast Bar: Decor, Accessories & Breakfast Bar Stools

How to achieve that perfect breakfast bar

Everyone loves having a space that they are proud of in the home. Of course, it’s not always possible to make your entire house look fit for an interiors magazine. However, achieving your dream look with one room or area is definitely do-able and something we want to help you with. Today, we’re going to focus specifically on the breakfast bar! Taking inspiration from Pinterest, home blogs and our own shop, we’ll give you lots of little ideas to make your breakfast bar really something to be envied.

  1. Funky Bar Stools
  2. Flowers
  3. Lighting
  4. Colour Pop
  5. Add your personality

1. Funky Bar Stools

Moda bar stools

We must say it again. Wooden, plain, and boring stools just do not cut it in the stylish department. Find some stools or taller, comfy chairs that have some personality. Color, shape, design … whatever fits your vision!  

Choosing colourful bar stools adds a splash of personality, and uplifts any boring, drab kitchen, into a fun enjoyable space to be enjoyed by all the family.

Our topmost funkiest bar stools to help add that splash of colour, would be the Cuban bar stoolsEris bar stoolsDSW Bar StoolsCrystal bar stools, and the Amazon.

2. Flowers

Flowers on the breakfast

 Yes, flowers add color. Yes, flowers add a happy ethos. But they are also great for your health. Fresh flowers brighten up your space and are good for your spirit. So, keep a vase full of your beautiful favorites.

3. Lighting


Grab some great light fixtures to add something special to the breakfast bar. Highlight the space and add something more than only regular lampshades and light bulbs. Plus, the extra light will be great for decorating on the extra counter tops!

4. Colour Pop

Colour pop

Breakfast is a time to wake up and smell the coffee! So, add some color to the space. Breakfast bards are obviously associated with morning time and it should reflect that! The colors you choose should pop and remain cheerful to set you up ready for the day ahead.

5. Add your own personality

Add personality
add personality 2

Adding your own personal touch to your kitchen area, will automatically add that uniqueness. Weather this be the tiles, upcycled furniture, or kitchen accessories etc, the list could go on. It’s important you feel happy and at ease in your own space, so by adding your personality to the heart of the home, really adds that spark to your favorite space.


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