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How to create a winter wonderland bedroom

When the cold winter season arrives and the magical time of Christmas draws near, you can spread festive joy by bringing decorations into your bedroom to create a haven that’s snug and peaceful. Follow our tips on how to turn your bedroom into a cosy Christmas winter wonderland. Winter bedroom ideas We’ve got several ideas […]


How to Brighten Up Your Home As the days are quickly getting shorter and darker, it’s time to make the most of the light. There are many ways we can improve light levels in our homes and make it feel brighter and lighter. In this post, I’ll share some ideas for how to brighten up […]

The New Traditional Decorating Style

While traditional furniture and décor has plenty of history and can be quite beautiful, when it’s overdone it can feel rather heavy, dark, and dated. And although the modern style has a clean, exciting vibe, it’s also sometimes a bit too stark, colorless, or uncomfortable. Luckily, there’s a happy medium in between these two decorating […]

How to Choose New Bedroom Furniture

Sprucing up your room with new items and making a dramatic change can be invigorating. The fear factor creeps in when you start thinking about the price tag and the cost of making a mistake. Luckily, picking the right furniture for your needs is much easier if you ask yourself a few questions before heading to the […]

The Top Trends in Girls’ Room Decor

f you love design and you’re searching for girls’ room decor inspiration, you’ll be happy to know that trends in this space are a reflection of today’s larger design trends. For all ages! As you can see from the photo below, geometric wall shelves, garlands and interesting lighting are a few of the game changers when it […]

Four Ways to Style Your Bookcase

Seeing a wall of books can be awe-inspiring when you’re at the library. When you’re at home, sometimes you want to bring a little personality into the mix. Want to learn how to style a bookcase? Follow our guide of bookcase decorating ideas to bring those shelves to life. Stack ’em Books don’t always have […]


Over the course of 2020, as most of us have spent months sheltering in place, our living rooms have transformed from refuge into multifunctional spaces that now emphasize work, education, entertainment, and hospitality. So as we wrap up what has certainly been one of the most challenging years in modern history, we asked designers and industry veterans what […]

How to Choose Wall Art for Your Space

Here’s the deal. Choosing art for your home doesn’t always come naturally. For some, it may even be the most challenging part of tying a room together. And while questions like how do I choose the right size or the right colors to fit my space? and how do I pair different pieces of art together? are common, they […]