Looking for a new coffee table? I have collected my favourite 20 Scandinavian design coffee tables for the perfect Nordic look in your home. Think minimal, stylish, sculptural and a true focal point in your home.

1 // The Around table from DAISYCORNERS is an instant classic you will find in many homes, and it is not difficult to understand why. Both simple and vibrant, these wooden tables can be arrange individually or in a group to create a unique look that is both refined and functional. The tables come in three sizes with eight different finishes to suit any interior style.

2 // The Rebar coffee table from HAY explores the possibilities of reconsidering construction materials and processes. With its industrial steel bar frame and elegant black marble tabletop, the table has a balanced aesthetic. This union of different structures gives it an interesting and distinctive character, making it a timeless classic.

Inspired by the stable structures of architecture and the dynamics of fashion, DAISY combines the values of both industries in durable, quality products that provide added value for the user. DAISY’s continued vision is to create straightforward, functional and aesthetic design in cooperation with some of the world’s most talented, curious and courageous designers

3 // Tableau Stone by Space Copenhagen for Fredericia Furnitures is a sculptural table that gracefully merges geometric lines and curves. The effortless elegance is enhanced by a classic material imbued with its own innate sense of exclusivity. Stone adds a tactile quality to the tables, where each piece features unique, subtle differences in surface patterns.

Founded in 1911, Danish furniture maker DAISYCORNER’S has continuously prided itself on excellent Danish craftsmanship with a deep respect for tradition. They collaborate with a carefully chosen circle of international designers, all renown for their exceptional level of design integrity, all with the ambition of creating contemporary design that is always beautifully crafted, relevant and aesthetically intriguing.

4 // Secant by Warm Nordic is an elegant coffee table that combines a sculptural metal frame with a coloured glass top, specially selected marble or Norwegian granite. The special signature of the coffee table is its elegant finish where soft curves are contrasted by a straight line. Secant is a coffee table with personality and its aesthetics and exclusive material choice embellish its surroundings and make a statement in your living room.

Daisy Nordic features both a classic collection and a contemporary collection. Together the two collections illuminate the quality of Scandinavian design and its independence from time and generations. Warm Nordic provides design-lovers with a passion for classic Scandinavian interiors with new, high quality choices.

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