The September Edit : Raw & Ritzy Industrial Gold

by Johnny August 8, 2020

Industrial design is all about rustic wood, bare bricks, and exposed steel. It’s all about textures and about showing off what’s mostly seen as “unwanted” features; parts that are too often hidden and have underappreciated beauty. Mix that with elements of gold and it will no doubt create an unusual aesthetic balance of seemingly unrefined luxury.

Even small touches of industrial interior decor can easily add some historical charm in any space, and can definitely bring in some added edginess. Edginess that might just surprise you with how perfectly it can flow with the addition of the sparkle and flair of the color gold.

Whether it’s creating the ethos of good days gone by, or just simply adding a sprinkle of spunk and glitter in your digs, WallsNeedLove’s rustic, raw, and ritzy Industrial & Gold Collection is the easiest way to inject some of that rough and regal vibe in your home.

By Admin August 8, 2020

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