Spare Room Blues & Greens. Let The Outdoor Allure In.

by Johnny August 09, 2020

You know that spare room in your house? The one that is a tad too small to use as a bedroom? And the one that you absolutely don’t know what to do with?

These rooms are often either left to lie unused, or turned into a small storage space for old stuff. Basically, a room that no one ever really wants to venture into. And what a waste of space that is!

With the help of some of WallsNeedLove’s products, Elizabeth was able to transform the spare room from drab to stylish, yet functional!

The Inspiration

“Since we’re Colorado locals who love the outdoors, I wanted to bring some of that inside. The wallpaper, the patterns, the pillows, and the art all reflect that. Blues, greens, and nature!”

To help bring the feel of the Colorado outdoors in, Elizabeth and Kelsey used the WallsNeedLove’s Beat Generation Removable Wallpaper, Leafy Greens Pouffe, Fern Gully PillowGrowing Greens Pillow, and Cactus II Art Print.

The Verdict

“I am amazed at the transformation that WallsNeedLove was able to give this room! It is comforting, clean, simple, and relaxing!”

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