Leafy Green Powder Room Posh Up

by Johnny August 01, 2020

A small space like your powder room can have enormous potential for a huge-impact look. Just like the feature we did on Merrick’s Art’s Black and White Powder Room Primp, Create/Enjoy’s powder room revamp is further proof that a compact expanse could be your best bet when it comes to experimenting with big and bold style.

The Inspiration

“We had a fresh but plain half bathroom after we gutted and remodeled it, and I just couldn’t figure out how to dress it up well with art or any more mounted things on the walls. I wanted decor that worked with the white and brass colors we had in the room but was also exciting and a statement on its own! I love how this print is a bit retro but also totally modern and cool.”

Give your powder room the attention it deserves and discover for yourself how much of a bang this tiny space can create with the right design details.

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