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Decorate Your Walls With Free Wall Art

Sometimes, one can barely afford groceries, much less fork out big bucks for wall art. Even if you don’t have a dime to spare, you don’t need to live with blank walls. It’s easy to decorate your space using these links to free wall art printables and totally free wall art ideas: Free Wall Art Printables  Create […]

Classic One-Wall Kitchen Layout

It is often said that the “classic” kitchen design is the so-called kitchen triangle, enabling the cook to move between the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a three-point, non-intersecting fashion. But an even more basic kitchen design layout than the triangle is the one-wall kitchen design.  What It Is  In the one-wall kitchen design, all major work zones of […]

5 Ways to Make an Accent Wall

Accent walls draw attention, making them ideal as the primary or secondary focal point in a room. They’re particularly effective for rooms without much architectural interest. You don’t need a lot of money to create an accent wall. You just need to make it stand out from the rest of the walls in a striking way. […]

Accent Wall Finishes

By Admin August 25, 2020 An accent wall is a great way to add some accent colors, depth, and focal point to a bedroom. There are many different types of finishes and ideas for accent walls; here is a quick guide to finding the best and most common types of wall finishes used in bedrooms. Interior Wall Paint A […]

Decorating a Bare Wall in the Bedroom

By Admin August 25, 2020 A big, blank wall can be an intimidating decorating dilemma. You know the wall needs something, but you’re not sure of what. In a typical bedroom, the closet occupies one wall, another wall has the dresser running down its length, and a third has the head of the bed—with or without a […]

15 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bathroom Wall Art  While we spend countless hours deliberating over the perfect prints for our living room gallery walls, we rarely put the same effort into the walls in our bathroom. Whether you have room to spare or you’re working with a small space, a bathroom wall can actually be the perfect blank canvas for a little bit of […]

Metallic Wall Finishes That Add Sparkle to Your Home

Metallic Wall Paints and Coverings  When you want to brighten up your home’s interior, your first thoughts might lean toward the traditional: new latex wall paint and a new color. Dingy, worn, and simply outdated colors can be freshened by adding newer, brighter colors over the top. But what about breaking out of the norm and taking this brightening-up campaign one […]

How to Choose an Accent Wall and Color in a Bedroom

An accent wall – a wall painted a different color than the other walls of the room – is an easy and effective way to not only liven up the space but also (depending on the color you choose) to fool the eye into seeing the room as a different size than it is. When […]

7 Great Kitchen Wall Ideas

Kitchen Wall Ideas: Stone Veneer Accent Wall  What to do with kitchen walls? Most often, walls in the kitchen are blanketed with cabinets, top to bottom, making this a moot question. But open walls are nice, even if it’s just a partial open wall. The answer then is varied. Some homeowners add stone accent walls, as […]

Room Of The Week

In honor of Halloween, I thought it only appropriate to hunt down a dark and moody dwelling for this week’s Room of the Week… The living room of this home being my favorite. Essential to the balance of charcoal walls and an abundance of black and white is the addition of lighter woods, and cozier textures. The […]