Cozy & Clean Industrial Living Room Makeover

by Johnny July 23, 2020

Many people tend to avoid industrial interior design because they either assume it would give their space a cold and stiff vibe, or they assume it’s going to break the bank. But industrial interior decor goes beyond mere steel and concrete, and who says you have to go full industrial? Little touches of wood, concrete and steel here and there can go a long way with making your space boast more character and history. And it’s easier to achieve this more than ever with WallsNeedLove’s raw and ritzy Industrial & Gold Collection. Find out for yourself that with the right balance, industrial textures can bring forth a rustic charm that is roughly appealing.

The Inspiration

“The inspiration for the bathrooms walls was to have a rustic feel, I wanted something vintage yet chic (but something the hubby would still approve of). I wanted to have something I KNEW I wouldn’t get tired of.  The Walls Need Love aged wallpaper did just that!”

“I thought by adding layers and stacking the frames the way I did was the best route. I believe that it keeps the wall from being too busy and “flat,” if you know what I mean.”

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